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Welcome to MyMobileUni’s Education Store. The educational products marketplace offers MyMobileUni’s signature services and also products and services from our local and international Partners.

Do you have an innovative educational product / service? Come join us in our marketplace!

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A global award winning company, we have developed a fast and an effective method to help one learn English. We use 3 platforms to teach and our learning methods focus on listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar and vocabulary development.

MyMobileUni & DigitalEdu

Impacting lives and empowering communities through a customized holistic knowledge resource centre, to remain relevant in today’s globalised digitalised knowledge based econoomy.


Awesome Science, Technology, Engineering , Arts and Mathematics awesome resources curated to help children of today find the jobs of tomorrow. StemCareer is a unique site that provides experiential and to use their knowledge to change the world and to achieve United Nations SDG to make the world a better place!


An innovative and cost effective way to put your training content online without the need for programming or coding skills in a quick and simple way. Learner May Learn Anywhere, Anytime On Any Device At Their Own Pace.


UDo is a 'just-in-time' mentoring and coaching app that enables organizations to create mentor networks within the organization. Employees can get on-demand support when they need and where they need it through video and audio calls. UDo is helping organizations improve Training effectiveness, efficiency and Employee engagement world wide.

STEM Priveldge Card

STEM Privilege Card Brings you awesome programs and discounts to enjoy STEM related activities like DIGITAL LEARNING WORKSHOPS CAMPS DIY PROJECTS-COMPETITIONS-LEARNING KITS-STUDY TOURS-OTHER EXCLUSIVE OFFERS- Enjoy one year of great discounts, free programs and gifts for RM60.00 only!


An AI driven solution for talent screening through the use of cognitive computing and video interviewing technology. Our solutions include: 1. Asynchronous Video Interviews 2. Live and Panel Video Interviews 3. On-Demand Expert Freelance Interviewer Marketplace 4. On-Demand Assessments 5. Campus Hiring Solution 6. Talscout Screening as a Service (TSaaS).


iAugmentor enables experiential learning through a vast array of learning ranging from management simulations, intuitive videos, games, story-telling, music, case studies, role plays etc to create a long lasting impact. Its technology platform accessible through on-the-go on the mobile as well as on the desktop, enables a user to improve his/her understanding of various life skills in an interactive manner that is personalized to his needs.


MUZZY BBC a multi award wining program is the world's #1 language course for children, featuring popular animated characters, rich immersion methodology, and engaging stories, games and exercises.