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MyMobileUniversity is an initiative by LTT Global a global pioneer in mobile learning to impact lives globally through education. It is a learning platform for all ages, making available content from ages 2 upwards covering academic, lifestyle and lifelong learning. Everyone gets an opportunity to learn something new, up-skill or re-skill themselves at their own time and money and time is no longer an issue. MyMobileUni.com’s platform makes it a one-stop centre to access quality learning content. We have links to the world’s leading Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) providers, other universities, organizations and subject matter experts from all over the world who have content that they like to share with the world

Why We Launched the MyMobileUniversity Initiative ?
There is a large number of people who have little or no access to education around the world and we wanted to contribute to the world community by lowering this statistic. Together with the team, we realized that our company had over 10 years of learning and training experience and many websites that enhance and deliver education. As a global company, we saw an opportunity to enhance the education of all ages especially those who have few access to learning platforms of content and learning courses. The following are additional compelling reasons as to why we developed MyMobileUni.com:

  • Student study debts are on the rise
  • Rising cost of Higher Education
  • Employers in search of high caliber staff with the right skills set for the job
  • A recent global study by Telefonica of young adults aged between 18-30 years said access to technology and education will help to bring them out of poverty and ensure them of their success (http://survey.telefonica.com)
  • Globally students, professionals, and businesses in their pursuit of success have to remain competitive
  • People retrenched, unemployed, people who come out of long medical leave and people between jobs looking for better opportunity

Our Mission
To empower individuals by enhancing their digital literacy and empowering them via education to improve their livelihood and give a positive impact to their workplace, social and community circle.

Overall Goals
  • To impact lives of people through education anywhere, anytime.
  • To have focused channels on youth development, woman and girl child empowerment, work place education support and environment issues.
  • Focused channel to promote equal access to education and inclusion of the most vulnerable segments of society by via ICT to ease an individual’s access to life-long learning, help contribute to new career and business opportunities and to help resolve Social inequalities by providing vulnerable groups and individuals access to political, economic, scientific and cultural activities of the society.
  • To provide channels covering academic, lifestyle, health and lifelong learning for all ages.
Our Values
MyMobileUni is a holistic learning platform and is focused on empowering individuals through education by leveraging on information, communications technology (ICT) to deliver and reach out to the masses. Our strategic objectives include:
  • To take advantage of technology to influence strategic direction and development of education policies to improve educational and training outcomes.
  • To increase the number of educational organizations, corporate and the government sector making strategic and effective use of mobile technology in human capital development and to bridge the digital divide.
  • To encourage research and development to generate high quality learning and edutainment content for the global market.
  • To implement standards, and guidance to support systemic change through ICT that transforms learning and teaching for all.

We Currently have the Following Learning Channels and Expanding Regularly:
  • A large collection of university, college and professional programs
  • A large collection of career development resources
  • Business and Entrepreneurship programs
  • Computing, Coding and ICT programs
  • Teacher Resources and Development Programs
  • Preschool, primary and high school programs
  • Life skills, lifestyle and lifelong learning
  • How-to-guides, video talks, study tools, e-books
  • News, music, motivation, informational resource, etc
  • Conference presentations and videos where we are the Learning Partner for the events e.g. The World Innovation Forum 2013 and also D-Code Start-Up Malaysia Program.