Testimonials from Different Countries

Nur Deehan Irish Amanda

 I am really excited about the online Law program I found in MyMobileUni.com. My learning experience is really good, it is like as if sitting in a real class because I can ask questions and the lecturer answers, we also have a forum where the students can post questions on what we don't understand and all try to discuss and help one another. I am also doing my degree on shipping and logistics outside but I use MyMobileUni.com to help me with resources and books I need for my learning needs. 

Behrang Parhizkar

 As a lecturer and professional trainer, I see MyMobileUni.com as one of my main reference for preparation and updating myself. I am using it via my phone to watch tutorials, via my tablet as well as laptop. It also gives a very good support to all my students. MyMobileUni.com absolutely changed the learning experience for everyone, child & adult, expert & amateur, in many fields and area using MyMobileUni.com is an extraordinary support for anyone who would like to learn at anytime and anywhere. MyMobileUni is your Wiki Learning assistant. 

John Raaj

 I like to learn website coding but unfortunately I have 0% knowledge in it. Whenever I wanted to learn I will get headache as it is so difficult to search for good sites that teach coding. I really don't understand. Feel so confused and failed to learn. When I started using MyMobileUni.com I was able to understand little by little. My confidence became stronger. Now I can design a website without referring to any resources. Thank You, MyMobileUni.com for giving me a fun place to learn such great knowledge. My next learning in MyMobileUni.com will be function, jQuery and so on. 

Daniel Ng Chun Yik

 I am also a frequent on MyMobileUni.com as I constantly go up to look for new content and channel to study from. I think that the notion of using technology and innovation to provide free education to the general masses is a noble cause. In this sense alone, is enough for MyMobileUni.com to command my support. 

Noramumi Izdihar

 I used to learn English, Computing and ICT channels. I really excited to learn English because MyMobileUni provided contents which are useful and fun. Before My English was just in intermediate level but with MyMobileUni I can be more confidence in English either speaking or reading. Also as an IT student I like to improve my skills in programming and website development. MyMobileUniversity website is an amazing site to up-skill knowledge and it is FREE.