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Binary Digital Knowledge Center

Welcome to Binary Digital Knowledge Center. We take pride in offering quality online learing content to empower our students and faculty to remain competitive in this globalized economy.The platform covers academic, lifestyle and lifelong learning in the form of online courses, Audio Books, training notes, self-assessment that will help you to develop your career to a greater height.Learn something new everyday or you may choose to up-skill or re-skill yourself. Increase your self-value and learn new things with the programs we offer at the palm of your hands!

Benefits of Lifelong Learning include :


Boosts Self Confidence.


Enhance Understanding of the world around us.


Enable to seek better opportunities.


Improve Quality of Life.


Impact positively work, social and community circles.

What is Learning ?

Many of us associate learning with formal education because from young we hear our parents and elders always tell us to learn hard and get a good education, then you will have a good job and life will be good! Formal Learning is what we do at school. Informal learning is what we do every day. We learn new things whether we are at school, college, university, at work, with friends or at home!

Why Lifelong Learning is Important ?

Binary Digital Knowledge Center has thousands of digital resources powered by MyMobileUniversity to help you with your learning at the same time to help you learn new things and to up-skill yourself through the academic and lifestyle learning resources that will help maximise your potential to find better jobs with higher earnings and become more successful in your chosen career path.

Learning is a journey and Lifelong Learning is when we have a positive attitude towards learning. We learn because we want to enhance ourselves both at a personal and at the professional levels. We must take every opportunity we have to further our knowledge and to develop the skills we need throughout our life.

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